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What are Mirror Spirits?

The Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology is a newly developed theory on an ancient phenomena; soulmates. Unlike other soulmate theories (Twin Flame, Twin Soul, Twin Ray, Essence Twins, Androgynes and soulmates etc.) this theory is created from ground up basing it to observable reality combining both psychology and spirituality into the typology. Unlike psychology, the Mirror Spirit soulmate theory understands the effect of previous lives on our current relationships. Unlike other soulmate theories, the Mirror Spirit Typology recognises the vast variety of relationships and also recognises same-gender and polygamous relationships as being spiritually equally valid as the traditional heterosexual monogamy that we have all trained to view as the ultimate connection.

Read more about Mirror Spirits on FreeSpiritTheory.com, which covers more things that have an effect on your soulmate relationships and  your life.



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