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What are Mirror Spirits?

Mirror Spirits is an independent, separate soulmate theory that is categorising different soulmate types into sub-types making it easier for people to correctly treat different relationship types. It is based on independent research into spirituality using both psychology and spirituality simultaneously to understand what happens when soulmates meet. It is developed by a certified life coach and psychic empath Riina “Sebby” Rinkineva, and is currently largely unpublished and going through further development behind the scenes.

The Mirror Spirit theory differs from it’s most popular “competitor” the Twin Flame theory in two major points:

Mirror Spirit theory doesn’t differentiate the value of the most intense soulmate relationship by either gender of the soulmates nor theĀ  number of them. Mirror Spirit theory recognises the possibility of highly and equally intense relationships in polygamous groupings rather than strict male-female pairs.

Mirror Spirit theory explains the intensity of the bond differently; rather than a soul split in two, the Mirror Spirit theory understands the effect of reincarnation and ions worth of life times that went into building these very special bonds, the most complete of which reach the level of “twin flames” or True Mirror Spirits as the theory itself calls them.

The theory is a sub category of the complete spiritual theory set called the Free Spirit Theory.

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