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Could this be love?

Sometimes love is simple. Sometimes it’s confusing. True love is something that surprises us by the mere fact it exists. When we tell someone that we fell in love at first sight, a modern person is reluctant to believe it… “Simple attraction.” “Brain chemistry!” But, deep down we know it’s more than chemistry – although chemistry is involved – it runs deeper. We feel we have met ourselves in the body of the opposite gender, someone who shares our soul, even. Someone you have know for ions before you met – it is indescribable, yet so identifiable.

We live in a culture that doesn’t really believe in true love. We have harnessed it to serve the wedding industry and we feed it through cheesy romantic comedies, but yet, once you experience it, you marvel how it can be real… I believe every one who has experienced a True Mirror Spirit connection wants to write a book or a movie about it – and yet every time they do, Hollywood manages to ruin it. They play it down, because love like that doesn’t seem real. To warn their children, parents paint a picture of young men who are after nothing but that one thing and girls who lie in ruins after being taken advantage of by these same men, making their daughters feel violated and their sons feel like dirty dogs simply because they fell in love and didn’t know that’s what was happening. It is disgusting.

True love is the most misunderstood emotion we have the ability to feel. Intense and passionate, confusing and scary, turmoil that makes you feel bipolar… Crazy… You start acting a bit stalkey and no matter how confident you normally are, around them you feel like a 12-year old again, weak in the knees and quite certain that everything you say must sound stupid… so you can’t really get a word out of your mouth, and the words that do come out tend to get misunderstood… Wonderful, love, isn’t it?

Symptoms of true love include all the classics, love at first sight, feeling of time stopping or slowing down, a feeling of sharing a bubble together, hearing their voice inside your head / spontaneous telepathy (actual telepathy, not just picking up the phone at the same time, although that happens, too), intense sexual desire and overpowering feeling of love. Feeling at the same time that you belong together and you’ve always been together and known each other, but at the same time you may feel like you’ll never be too good for them…

Because of the way we have been brought up we have been taught to fear all intense emotions. Everything out of the norm is seen as some kind of a mental disorder, and true love is no exception. We are given all kinds of explanations as to why we feel so strongly, and none of them are good: “rejection junkie / you want what you can’t have, it’s only lust/sexual, it’s only a crush and won’t last, you’ve just watched too many romantic comedies, you’re delusional”, etc. etc. We even have a psychiatric condition drawn up for just this purpose; erotomania. That “explains” all symptoms related to tight, intense soulmate connections, especially in relation to celebrities.

Sometimes we do get swept away by our own emotions when the feelings are one-sided, but true love does exist and the Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology is written in order to make some sense out of true love. Even though different types of soulmates are identifiable by their patterns, the challenges are never easy, especially not when the only way to be together with your most intense soulmate, the True Mirror Spirit is to be 100% loyal to who you are, even if you knew the typology through and through, you still have to¬† make a trip inwards into yourself, and that trip must be made alone – if you can get good guidance from anywhere, your spirit guides included, you’ll be lucky indeed. (Then again, sometimes the worst guides are your best help.)

How do you know it’s love…? You feel like your soul doesn’t belong to you anymore, that your heart beats inside somebody else’s chest, like someone else’s happiness means more to you than that of your own, when you understand their thoughts without a word, when you feel what they feel and can and will give to them what they need and desire – when their needs become your needs, when their wish becomes your wish and their desire becomes your desire… When you no longer feel like two people but two souls merged together, that is when you know you are truly in love.

The road to that point is long and complicated, sometimes painful and confusing and full of drama, and that is why the Mirror Spirit Typology had to be written. This is only an introduction, the rest of it can be found at FreeSpiritTheory.com – because everything is linked to everything, and I couldn’t explain love without explaining the birth of the Universe, the reason why we are here, the law of free will, the importance of authenticity and so forth and so forth.


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